17 Leading Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners Reveal Their Secrets To Help YOU Make More Money In Your Business Through The Power Of Passive Income
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MARCH 27–31, 2017
What is The Passive Income Summit?
The Passive Income Summit is an annual, 5-day, virtual event for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Learn from leading entrepreneurs who generate hundreds to thousands in profit from passive income & are willing to share their secrets.
The Passive Income Summit speakers have been featured in...
Why Should I Attend The Passive Income Summit?
No Travel
Watch the video sessions, any where you want! No dress code required.
Free Admission
Although this online event could be thousands of dollars, you don't have to pay a dime to enjoy the ONLY online passive income summit.
Expert Speakers
Cut your learning curve in half with 17 leading entrepreneurs breaking down their passive income success. You can't find this anywhere else!
The Experts You'll Be Learning from in The Passive Income Summit
will make you realize it IS possible to profit from your business FAST!
Day 1 | Monday, March 27, 2017
KEYNOTE: Prepping Your Business For Passive Income Success
Host: Caressa Thompson
Launch A Subscription Service For Steady Income
Elle Drouin
Maximizing A Magazine To Make An Impact & Money 
Samantha Parker
Day 2 | Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Hosting In-Person Events to Grow Your Tribe & Profit
Chakayla J. Taylor
Using Niche Facebook Groups for Low-Effort Sales
Miranda Nahmias
Use The Power of Pinterest To Pump Your Passive Traffic
Summer Tannhauser
Leverage Live Streams for Live Sales
Kelly James
Day 3 | Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Market Your Handmade Business For A Sale A Day
Mei Pak
How To Use A Challenge To Create A Profitable Course
Mariana C. Ruiz
Boost Your Sales From A Successful Online Summit 
Bailey Richert

Boss Your Boutique With Recurring Income 
Sonja Thompkins
Day 4 | Thursday, March 30, 2017
Self Publishing Your Book To Create Authority 
Angela J. Ford
Ace Your Affiliate Marketing From Start To First Sale 
Justine Grey
Amplify Your Amazon Affiliate Commission
Kristie McCollum
Day 5 | Friday, March 31, 2017
Sharpening Your Services For Stabilized  Monthly Income  
Halley Gray
Leverage Udemy for Unlimited Passive Income
Laura Pennington
AFTER PARTY: Recap + Next Steps...
Host: Caressa Thompson
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The Passive Income Summit Is For You
The Aspiring Entrepreneur
You're past the point of dreaming of the perfect business and ready to put proven strategies to work as you start prepping for your passive income business.
The Startup Entrepreneur
You've started your business for quite some time now and you're looking for ways to grow your audience, influence, and email list to leverage your business for a substantial increase in your monthly passive income.
The Seasoned Entrepreneur
You've proven you're in this for the long haul and the only thing stopping you on your way to 7 streams of millionnaire success is scaling your business to new heights.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question not answered here? Simply email Caressa at summit@caressalenae.com with any concerns!
What is the Passive Income Summit?
The Passive Income Summit is an annual, 5-day, virtual event for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Where you'll learn from leading entrepreneurs who generates hundreds to thousands in profit from passive income & are willing to share their secrets.
How does the event work?
From March 27th through March 31st I'll email you access to each masterclass sessions of the day. You'll have 24 hours to watch the daily sessions starting at 11 AM EST each day.
Is The Passive Income Summit live or prerecorded?
All of the masterclasses are pre-recorded well in advance so we can be active in the community with you each day.
What does each session include?
Each video session is presented as a 20-30 minute interview on a highly-actionable and very specific topic. On each masterclass page, there will be a button to download the speaker's freebie and the opportunity to upgrade your ticket to an All-Access Membership Pass for lifetime access.
What happens if I miss the 24-hour window for a masterclass that I really wanted to watch?
Not to worry - I know how life can be! You can gain lifetime access to the entire 2017 Passive Income Summit by upgrading your ticket at any time throughout the month of March.

Hey! I'm your host & Sales Funnel Strategist, Caressa Lenae.


I want to personally invite you to join me and 17 passive income experts from March 27th to March 31st, 2017. Each speaker spills all of their tips, tricks, and knowledge, which will help YOU start and grow your passive income business today. Grab your free ticket now!
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